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Thank you angela remaly!

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We're rolling into excitement as we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Angela Remaly of General Hotels Corporation for choosing the VIP Roller Rink Room!

Your support drives us, and we can't wait to provide you with a dazzling and memorable experience. Get ready to glide, groove, and have an amazing time! 

Use these Juicy take-a-ways to help you to

Be Confident, Be Empowered, and Lead from the Heart!

👑Your invitation to the Crown Society is below! Doors Closed 9/1/23

Mixtape Masterclass

Culture from the Heart Masterclass

MMH Plussing adding extra juice!

🍍Juicy Bonus:

These documents will be available for seven days.

Energy X Execution = Sweet Results

do you want to
keep working together?


unlock your access to the 


your key to sweet operations, leadership, culture, and sales

wear your crown and be empowered!

hotel leadership made easy

Use your back door key!


take it from my insiders

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2 Crown testimonial Anesia Ford.png

Lastly, I've added you to my Wise Wednesday list!
What does that mean? Each Wednesday, you will
receive juicy pineapple tidbits to inspire and help you
reach your goals and insider access to
announcements to be the first to know! Note: if you
still feel that coconut vibe and any of the above is not
for you, you can opt-out anytime by clicking the link
at the bottom of the email.

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