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It was an honor to present for your leaders!


Welcome to your personalized toolkit, designed to amplify the impact of the insights shared during the Keynote or Masterclass.

Let's turn inspiration into action with your Juicy Toolkit, enabling you to Be Confident, Empowered, and Lead from the Heart!

All these elements are carefully crafted to keep your energy flowing and leadership growing!


These documents will be available for seven days. Energy X Execution = Sweet Results

Juicy Toolkit

Explore additional resources to deepen your understanding and application of the strategies covered.

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking podcasts, indulge in recommended and beloved books, savor the Juicy Tidbits pods, and relish the Sweetness of handpicked Ted Talks. Elevate your leadership, one Tidbit at a time!



to your entire team!

Are you tired of juggling onboarding amidst short staffing and running a hotel 24/7? Want to guarantee that every new hire is fully engaged right from the start?


Say hello to the Yes! Learning Hub! It equips your team to always say YES, boosts guest experiences and sales, and ensures consistency across your properties.


Plus, it's led by me, Christine Trippi, creator of the Yes Is the Answer formula, using my proven W.I.S.E. Coaching Method.


Supercharge onboarding, create YES Leaders, and get Sweet Results while running your hotel—simple as that!

Yes! learning hub E-Learning

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Ready to be Royal?

🗝️Here is your back door key to the Crown Society Insider's Club!

Elevate your leadership with award-winning strategies, exclusive content, motivation and a community of like-minded hoteliers.

Use your back door key to join the club while the Crown Society doors are closed, exclusively for your team.


Wear your Crown and Be Empowered to reign supreme in the pursuit hotel leadership excellence.

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Crown Society

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A Sight to See

Relive the moments and memories from our time together, capturing the essence of the event.

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