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Are your sports groups, brides, and family reunions taking over your hotel and beating up the team?

There's a better way...

In the Glorious Groups Masterclass, I’ll show you how you can turn those treacherous teams into a treasure trove of Sweet Results!

Our Insider say:


"Glorious groups helped me tremendously!

Our guest surveys and Trip Advisor reviews have increased since using these strategies!"

Katie Mclaughlin, General Manager


Increase your:

  • Associate Retention

  • Revenue

  • Guest Survey Scores

  • Review Rankings

  • YOY Bookings

August 6th
@1pm CST

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Our Crown Society August Masterclass is Glorious Groups; I'm opening it up to you for only $47. See what it's like inside the Crown Society and turn your woes into wins!


Is that cool or cool?


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In this Masterclass, you will take away:

  • A Game-Changing Mindset for Group Success

  • Discover five key strategies to say YES to group success.

  • Learn how to make it easy for your team to manage groups seamlessly.

  • Find out how to make your groups love and rave about your hotel!

  • Plus, enjoy bonus done-for-you resources!

When you take action, You WILL increase:

•Associate retention 

•Guest surveys 

•Trip advisor ranking

•Social review



•Team pride

•Team engagement


•YOY bookings

•YOUR $$ bonus

•And more!

Celebrate the power of teamwork and make every moment count together!

Join our Glorious Groups Masterclass now!
What time works for you?

Admission fee for this course is $10


Thanks for registering!

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