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The juicy tidbits

energy and inspiration to rekindle your passion

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About the juicy tidbits

The Juicy Tidbits Podcast is the leading podcast for hospitality staff, owners, associates and more, to get better and become the change in the industry you want to be.

The goal of the podcast is to change the hospitality industry for the better with a positive approach and making 'Yes' the centre of our mission. We want to help you improve in all of the following:

- Leadership

- Teamwork

- Saying Yes! to new challenges

- Associate Retention

- Increase Revenue

- and soo much more!

Should you listen to this podcast?  Yes Is the Answer!

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it's leadership.

- Ralph Marston

Pineapple pro tip

Companion Workbook

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Leadership book club

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