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Four Simple Steps. That's all it takes to deliver legendary service and build a thriving team culture.


Is negative service impacting your bottom line? Do you find it hard to maintain your confidence when you have to disappoint a customer? Then Yes Is the Answer is the leadership book you need to read.

Christine Trippi shares her energy and passion for Sweet Hospitality--the key to success in the hospitality industry--by taking readers through the simple steps of responding positively while developing strong relationships. Along the way, she reviews examples that cover all aspects of work and family life with opportunities to test your new skills in the book (or with a downloadable Yes Is the Answer companion workbook). By the end of this fun, quick, and easy read, you'll have the information and skills needed to always say Yes and achieve Sweet Results! The best part is that you'll learn how you can change the world, one Yes at a time!

Author Signed - Yes Is the Answer - Hardcover Book

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