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Did you read engineering and check out?

 Many of us want to focus on the fun side of service and think Engineering isn't, well, very sexy!

You'll think differently when you

🚀Skyrocket your:

  • guest experience scores

  • tEam member retention

  • and sales


all while making your hotel gorgeous!


That candy bar at check-in isn't fun or sexy if the toilet doesn't work!

This month, I'm making a last-minute decision to open up the Crown Society March masterclass to anyone who would like to make MONUMENTAL upward movement in their entire scorecard!

  • Have you been an engineer?

  • Do you feel comfortable inspecting your Chief Engineer or Room Preventative Maintenance Tech's work? 

  • Do you feel confident in Engineering? 

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If you said NO to any of those questions, say YES to this Masterclass!


for only $47 you can join us for this Sexy and Restorative Masterclass! That's less than one toilet flapper!
(ALways Free for Crown Society Insiders)


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A Few items we'll cover:

  • How to inspect an RPM room even if you don't know ANYTHING about engineering.

  • The four levels of Engineering Care

  • The one process that is broken at every hotel I have visited. (And it will drive massive results!)

  • The five pieces of equipment I feel every hotel should have to maintain their asset!

  • And, of course, we'll make room for a little fun! 

Doors for this opportunity will close on Thursday, March 14th at 7 pm CST, so just say YES and join us!

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Join the Crown Society Restore and More Masterclass!

You will be sent a welcome letter and Teams link. Please check your junk/spam folder 

Admission fee for this course is $47

Crown Society Members are Always Free.


YES! You're Registered!


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